Let's get acquainted! My name is Marina Sheinkman, I am the creator and the director of the international online BalticNet School, Russian and English language teacher. I taught more than 500 schoolchildren and adults and am proud of my students - they go to prestigious universities and successfully use the English language in work and for traveling. While creating this online school, I strived for the ability for you to find the top teachers and quality education with the best results. I can recommend every one of our teachers - I trust them to educate my own children. In our school, you can find school subjects as well as adult programs. Our school is a bridge between countries. We work with Russian-speaking students all over the world, teach Russian as a foreign language and prepare students for state and international exams.
Why choose us?
Results: after the completion of the English course, your salary increases by 50% and more; you climb up the career ladder; every one of our students gets into the school of their dreams.
Quality: perfect knowledge of the Russian language sets you off from your colleagues and classmates; correct pronunciation and competent phrase construction enable you to achieve success in negotiating in English.
Short training period: we use exclusive methods to achieve high results; we know the English learning tools that aren't in any other schools - that's out patented method.
Atmosphere: comfortable learning and respect towards our students; after our classes, you won't have the feeling of "a square head."
Community: every one of our students feels as part of a whole; together, we overcome difficulties and achieve high results.
All-inclusive approach: in our school, we offer training for all school subjects; we provide quality training for state and international exams.
BalticNet School works with students from any geographical locations in the world. The best remote learning specialists, strong professionals in their subjects of teaching, work in our school. Our methods in combination with advanced technology provide high quality of education for students. Classes are held on a convenient server, every lesson is recorded, all learning materials are available for members, students are able to rewatch lessons to better understand any difficult moments (this feature is not available for offline learning!). The internet erases all borders, we are always with you and are always in touch!
Our Teachers
Marina Sheinkman
English and Russian language
Irina Anciferova
English Language
Kirill and Ilya Kiselev
History and social science
Irina Fokina
English language
Lyudmila Melihova
Italian language
Ekaterina Osekina
Lyubov Selina
Physics and mathematics
Elena Melihova
English language
Natalia Pedersen
Norwegian language
Maria Kozyar
Ukranian language
Anna Bondarenko
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