Lyudmila Melihova.

Has taught Italian language for 10 years.

"Half of my life, meaning more than 20 years, is related to Italy. A job in Milan and living in the country for 7 years, returning to Moscow and years of working in serious Italian companies. Experience in synchronised translation of business meetings - all of this gave me an opportunity to learn the language to the level a native speaker. This is confirmed by certificates.

I am a practitioner.

And my main goal is to make you speak.

The main request of my students is to learn how to speak for travelling. There are also those who are going to Italy as permanent residents and have to pass the Cittadinaza B1 exam to receive documents. Some are planning on going to one of Italy's universities and have to pass CILS exam. Applying to a conservatory or a school. Going to work in Italy.

A frequent request is correction of grammar mistakes and pronunciation from those who already live in Italy. Vocabulary expansion and figuring out tenses and inclinations. Students start to speak correctly, watch their language, something that native speakers notice.

For all of my years of practice, the record amount of time took 22 lessons. After which, the student completely changed her life and country of residence.
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