One year ago, I moved to Latvia and gained my first students there. They took my "Sprinter" course, started talking in English and gave me recommendations. With some, we learn english, while others, need Russian lessons for work and school. They don't live far from me, but save their time on commuting to me because we have the internet! Patrics often practices on his laptop under a gazebo near his country house. Ilze takes walks with her kids during warm weather and, one time, she did lessons from her phone on the beach. Sarmite practices from her office after work - she is a radio journalist. Birute lives on the next street from me, we met while taking our dogs for a walk in the dunes. She has her own business and is always on the road in different parts of Riga. That's why she starts her lessons at a certain time, from any place where there is wi-fi.

Patrias and Sarmite are learning Russian. I have to say, my basic knowledge of Latvian language help me out a lot - I can analyze mistakes that are common for Latvian speakers. My Latvian grandmother had the same mistakes in Russian, now I can understand where they came from. Bunin and Chekhov help me as well - we read classical Russian literature with my students and write essays. It interests them and they enjoy it. Virtual bridges between the teacher and the student, between nations - that's a blessing for me!
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