Mathematics teacher Ekaterina Osekina.

A professional tutor. A mathematics teacher with a 10 year experience, two years working at the International Skolkovo Gymnasium. A certified mathematician in the international baccalaureate system. A winner of an international contest and a member of the regional conferences of UNESSCO, awarded with diplomas and letters of thanks from the city administration for high educational results. A judge in an international olympiad in mental arithmetics.

I try to make children interested in the subject and want to explore it. I prefer to be in the role of a tutor - help the child come to the correct answer by themselves, while accurately guiding them during the lesson.

My main principal is based on a Chinese proverb that I always tell my students when we meet: "The teacher only opens the door, you enter by yourself."

I let children try and make mistakes, search and find. It's very important to make them feel like they can do it, yes, it's hard sometimes, but you did it, which means you can do even more.


• Moscow Power Engineering Institute, specialty - engineer, 2006.

• Moscow Public Administration Academy, professional retraining program "Psychology of personnel management," 2010.

• MBEI Lyceum №2, participation in regional UNESSCO, 2013.

• Academy of Public Administration, professional retraining program "Content and methods of teaching mathematics," 2014.

• Academy of Public Administration, training "Inclusive and distance education for children with disabilities and the correction of ICT," 2015.

• Academy of Public Administration, training "Relevant problems of the development of professional competence of a mathematics teacher," 2016.

• Center for Professional Retraining, training "Mental arithmetics teacher," 2017.

• certificate of teacher of mathematics of IB MYP, 2018.


• Teaching experience - 10 years.

• Teacher at the International Skolkovo Gymnasium.


• Certificate of participation in the conference of adsosoated UNESSCO schools "Children explore the world," 2013.

• Winner of an all-Russian contest "Best ICT lesson," 2014.

• Letter of thanks for outstanding achievements in the field of education, 2014.

• MBEI Lyceum №2, diploma for the scientific leadership of the winners of XVII regional UNESSCO, 2014.

• Certificate of honour for high educational results, 2015.

• Participation in a regional seminar on the topic "Development of ICT competence of a mathematics teacher in the context of inclusive and distance education of children with disabilities," 2015.

• Participant of the interregional conference on the topic "Various forms of education for children with disabilities in educational institutions: experience and development prospects" 2015.

• Certificate of honour for high educational results, 2016.

• MBEI Lyceum №2, diploma for the scientific leadership of winners of XVII regional research conference of UNESSCO associated schools, 2017.

I prepare students in 8-9 grade forte Main State Exam. Improve academic performance of 5-9 grade.

In order to successfully pass the 2020 Main State Exam, it's not enough to know mathematics, its important to understand how to format the work.

Having big experience with preparing students for the mathematics Main State Exam and the high results of my students, I will prepare for the exam so that there won't be any stress and worries during the exam.

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