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The course lasts 9 months and systematically prepares for the English language Unified State Exam.

The results speak for themselves: the average score for the past years -
87+ points.
What do the students get?
  • 1
    Recognise and learn how to use effective strategies to complete every section of the exam.
  • 2
    Boost ALL grammar required for the exam.
  • 3
    Expand vocabulary, adding HUNDREDS of phrasal verbs, persistent expressions and idioms.
  • 4
    Perfect word formations.
  • 5
    Receive detailed instructions and checklists for essay, letter, and oral sections.
  • 6
    Automate the skills for completing oral and written tasks - the most difficult sections of the exam.
  • 7
    Receive relevant information about the 2020 exam and the requirements for the detailed response from an exam expert.
  • 8
    Review of the essays, letters and oral tasks is conducted with an exam expert.
How is the course organized?
  • Before the beginning of the course, students take a test based on which they are identified into a group, depending on their level. There are only 2 groups.
  • The course is held online that follows a flipped classroom format.
    What does this mean?

    Certain topics will be presented as video lessons that the students watch by themselves and then complete exercises to better understand the material.
    These types lessons are combined with live online webinars that will be held once a week for 2-3 hours. During which, we will be going over the mistakes on homework, but most importantly, practice the knowledge by solving problems in the exam format.
What is the flipped classroom format needed for?

This kind of format allows for more time during the lesson to go through questions on the topic and live practice. After all, repetitive processing of new knowledge gives confidence and calmness during the exam.
"So, what do I do if I don't understand something?"
  • Firstly
    I explain even the most difficult topics easily, using visual schemes and bright images.
  • Secondly
    Explanations are given in Russian and in English. All examples are thoroughly sorted out and translated.
  • Thirdly
    All students join a chat and are able to ask questions and receive answers.
  • Fourthly
    If there are any questions left, you can ask them during the live webinar.
"How are we going to learn vocabulary?"
For students, I create modules with active vocabulary in a mobile app. Student learn the vocabulary by themselves and, once a month, I give a test on the learned materials.
Price of the course.
"By myself"
  • 2-3 prerecorded video lessons every week
  • Access to 1 recorded webinar for 2 hours
  • HW + answers (without individual review)
1700 rubles a month
"Me and communication"
  • 2-3 prerecorded video lessons every week
  • Access to webinar + recording
  • Chat access (communication with other students in the group and opportunity to ask the teacher questions)
  • HW + answers (without individual review)
2700 rubles a month
"Me and an expert"
  • 2-3 prerecorded video lessons every week
  • Access to webinar + recording
  • Chat access
  • Vocabulary tests
  • HW + answers (individuals review of detailed responses by an expert)
4500 rubles a month
  • Students will have the most relevant information about the 2020 exam and the requirements for the detailed responses because every year in February - March, I take expert training.
  • My students know EVERYTHING about the exam and don't experience bitter disappointments when they find out that they lost a point just because no one taught them HOW to do, and most importantly, how NOT TO complete oral and written tasks.
  • In this online course "One year until the Unified State Exam. Boost your English with an expert," my students will know for sure how TO DO.

My goal - make as many students as possible raise their English language Unified State Exam and get into the university of their dreams.
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