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The course "Super start norsk" will capture and bring you with the northwest wind to Norway!
Many Norwegians will happily talk to you in English, but if you would want to get to know their mentality and culture, the knowledge of the Norwegian language will be your advantage. The polite, restrained and a little bit conservative Norwegians will joke, discuss their impression with you, and sing songs to the guitar in a much more relaxed manner in their native language. If you work with Norwegian colleagues, then the fact that they can talk to you in Norwegian will be valued the same as your professionalism as an employee.
Who is the course "Super start norsk" for?
Those who dream to or are planning to move to this beautiful northern country.
The course will be quick and a great way to start!
Those who want to study or work in Norway.
The course will give you a strong base for future studying of the language.
What will the course "Super start norsk" give you?
  • 1
    Basic Norwegian grammar.
  • 2
    Vocabulary of 1500 words.
  • 3
    Many speech patterns that you will use in speaking practice.
  • 4
    You will be able to talk at a store, office, on the phone and Skype, cafe, work, university and library.
Studying the Norwegian language can change your life. For the better!
Are you ready for change?!

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