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The English language Main State Exam has become mandatory in many schools. Does your child go to one of these schools and is their English level not excellent? We will prepare them for the exam!
Which methods will we use?
  • Make a knowledge diagnose, find strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get to know the format of every exam question - which skills does it test.
  • Most importantly -
    your child will learn how to deal with it in minimum time, even with little knowledge. To pass this exam, you don't need to know basic grammar. You only need to spend a certain amount of time to analyze the tasks.
  • Your child will receive a cliche of answers for the oral and essay part of the exam.
What result will we receive?
After the completion of the course, your child will be ready to take the exam. They will know the clear algorithm for completing all of the tasks, without being distracted by extra steps.
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