My love for mathematics began 25 years ago, when I started 5th grade and got a teacher who respected not only his subject, but the students as well! Which is what many schools are lacking. I thank him for this priceless experience, carry it with me over the years and use for communication with students and their parents...
About the Unified State Exam.

Anna knows about the importance of basic knowledge and self-training from her own experience, because she personally took the exam in an experimental group and showed one of the best results in the region.
Two higher educations (physics/mathematics and economics) gave me the opportunity to not only know and understand mathematics, but also successfully teach it!
The combination of these factors leaves us no chance of failure!
Throughout the years, my students raise their initial scores by 30-50 points towards the desired score in one year and get into their chosen universities.
I can't wait to have you on my individual lessons, as well as in groups for preparation for the Main and Unified State Exams.
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