Lyubov Babushkina - a hereditary teacher, her parents and grandparents were teachers.

Lyubov graduated with with two degrees from MSU, mechanical-mathematical and pedagogical. Studied with Arnold V.I., Arhangelskiy A.V., Nehorosheva N.N., Razova N.H., and Sergeeva I.N.

"Do you know what gets in the way of taking school math exams?

- Unlike in other subjects, in math it's important to learn topics in order. Without understanding something in the beginning of the year, students can's fully understand the following materials. The level of misunderstanding accumulates and threatens to become hate for the subject.

- In math, just as in sports and in music, regularity is important. To understand one time is not enough, it's necessary to constantly practice the skills. The more frequently you solve (think about) the problems, the better you become at solving them, your mathematical intuition becomes better.

- In mathematics (as in everything else) it is important to not devalue your skills. There are no people incapable of doing mathematics. There are people that have not been shown the beauty of mathematics or who have been exposed to criticism. That's why, right now, you have to stop thinking "I'm dumb." That is not true!

If you were not able to learn the basic knowledge, if you have not practiced enough in the past, if you don't believe in yourself as a capable mathematician - don't lose hope!

I will help you:

- if you have lost hope to understand something in mathematics,

- if your mind turns off as soon as you see a page with problems,

- if you are loaded with doubt that you won't pass the state exam,

- if you are told in school: "Only a miracle will help you pass the state exam" (that miracle will be our work together!),

- if you do okay/good/excellent at school but want to improve your results,

- if mathematics is your calling in life and you want to know more.

I guarantee:

- effective help with the school program, preparation for the state exam or a math olympiad,

- individual selection of materials for every student,

- warn atmosphere,

- online help.

In the first semester of 2019, I taught 17 students and carried out about 460 hours of lessons. Those who prepared for exams with my help successfully passed the State Exams, improving their results by 10-15 points on the Main State Exam and by 20+ points on the Unified State Exam."

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