My French bulldog Luke is present in all of my lessons. He keeps silent and snores sweetly. But if he could talk, he would already be teaching!
Did you know that dogs can remember 1500 words? That's exactly the same vocabulary volume as the course "Sprinter." Luke knows many English words, he even executes commands that I tell him in English!
Thats why Luke became the symbol of our English club, called "Saturday Lunch."
Who can join our club?
Only those, that have completed the first module of the course "Sprinter."

Have passed three oral tests - talked for three hours without stopping, answered questions, and can tell about themselves, their hobbies, their family and job.

This takes place during the third month of the course "Sprinter."
What is the format of the club?
Online meetings every Saturday from 12:00 to 13:00.
New topics for discussion every meeting, and a new speaker from the group, who is chosen for the topic and talks about it for the listeners.
Participation of British journalists and bloggers, as well as appearances of English speaking students that are learning Russian in our school, who are interested in talking with you and asking you questions.
Luke and I are the moderators of the discussion. We suggest topics, analyze the mistakes of the speaker, give individual consultations on phonetics and grammar. Meeting are held live without recordings.
Topics that we have already discussed:
  • "Summer recreation"
  • "Ukrainian borsch in Munich"
  • "Extreme sports - windsurfing in Indonesia"
  • "Stamp and cooking recepies collections"
Ticket for 4 lessons in the club are part of the packet for "Sprinter. Premium" and is sold separately for the packet "Sprinter Optimal."

Price is 6000 rubles.
Want to sign up for the course?
Leave your phone number and we will call you for more details!
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