My name is Marina Sheinkman, I am a Russian and English language teacher. I have taught more than 500 students - schoolchildren and adults. My students get into prestigious universities and successfully use English for work and travelling. I am an MSU journalism and philology graduate. I specialise in preparation for the Russian language Unified State Exam and the MSU journalism creative contest, teach everyday and business English, author of methodological guides on oral English language and phonetics, creator of courses: "Russian language Unified State Exam for mathematicians," "English for success and increase of income," "Sprinter," "MSU journalism - score 100 on the creative contest," author of articles, webinars and masterclasses, video lessons, developed tests and tasks.

My first profession - a journalist, after the university I worked for the central media in Russia. Journalism helps me with teaching. In the past, I used to teach schoolchildren how to write articles for the School of Young Journalists at MSU. Now, I teach my students not only grammar - I teach them how to write essays and articles in Russian and English. Many of my students get into undergraduate programs for journalism at MSU and RSUH. During my lessons, I always have a comfortable atmosphere and students never get tired. I teach my lessons delicately and respect every one of you. I have great experience - I am a mother of four grown up and successful children and a grandmother of two grandkids.
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