Are you bothered by the question, how to pass the Unified State Exam with the maximum score and not spend a lot of time for preparation? Are you going to a technical university?

Did you know that students with a high score in mathematics get cut off because of the score on the Russian language exam and don't get into the budget program at the university?

If you are applying to a technical university than Russian language is not your profile subject. But it's like a bone in your throat. You spend lots of time preparing for mathematics and physics, so there is no time and energy left for Russian language. But you understand that without it, there is nowhere to go...

Are you familiar with the situation when you try to prepare for the exam by yourself with the help of school? You spend many hours in a week to learn Russian language in prejudice of your favourite mathematics and physics. But the school lessons improve your scores only by a little bit or by nothing at all.

In fact, the Unified State Exam is actually hard. It contains tricks and traps that you need to know about and be able to go around. Do you want to save time and energy, build and format your knowledge in this chaos of Russian language topics? I will help you!

I created the course "Russian language Unified State Exam for mathematicians" in 2012, when I found out that many of my students planned on applying to technical universities. Future physicists and mathematicians had trouble with the Russian language, that's when I started explaining rules, creating mathematical algorithms, simplifying the understanding of difficult topics. My husband, a mathematician, helped me. While creating our method, we started with exceptions in the rules of the Russian language. That's how those algorithms, that help you easily remember all topics, were born.

My preparation course contains concentrated information about the subject. I explain every rule and teach how to write texts so easily and clearly, that the Russian language will become logical and structured for you. You will love it as mush as you love mathematics and physics!

Since 2012, I have taught more than 80 students on this course, who all got into the budget programs of technical universities that are part of the top-25 rating.
After the completion of the course "Russian language Unified State Exam for mathematicians" in 2019, my students got into:
2 students got into MSU - CMC (Russian - 90 points), mechanics and mathematics (Russian - 81 points),
1 student got into MEPhI (Russian - 80 points),
1 student in the Sechnov University (Russian - 88 points),
2 students in the Gubkin University (Russian - 80 and 78 points),
2 students in MISIS (Russian - 76 and 80 points),
1 student in Kazan University (Russian - 77 points),
1 student in SUAI (Russian - 75 points).

Do you want to know the secrets of the Russian language Unified State Exam and learn the basic knowledge on this subject? Then I'm waiting for you!

You already know that the passing score for the top universities is in the range between 235 to 275 points.

So, you have perfected the profile subjects and count on receiving the highest scores - from 90 to 100, but in that case, you will need to score 55-85 on the Russian language exam.

My methodology is based on a deep analysis of the exams and will enable you to achieve the following: if at the beginning your exam score is 40, than by the end of the course your result will be 75, if 60, than after the course it will definitely be 90 and more.

The dynamics of improvement will be visible almost immediately - from 40 points we will rise to 55 in two months, in three - to 65.

Advantages of my course.
The short amount of time that the student spends offline, doing homework. Almost all the materials you learn and memorize during the lesson, under supervision of the teacher.
Specialization. I teach enrolees that share goals and have about the same level of training.
Concentrated lessons with nothing unnecessary - only what is needed for the exam.
Learning stages.
On the FIRST STAGE, confident digestion of a certain set of rules that will give you an opportunity to receive the maximum score.
On the SECOND STAGE, training of writing an essay. Considering the highly formalized scoring criteria, we will learn how to correctly form a problem and argue even without knowing the piece of literature thoroughly.
Course program.
Morphology, orthology.
Syntax and punctuation.
Writing texts (essay).
Course structure.
The course lasts 9 months.
72 online seminars (108 hours of lessons with the teacher)
108 hours of homework
Testing at the end of each month.
Writing of 20 essays.
Learning materials are provided: recordings of lessons, exercise books, grammar materials, tests.
Teacher feedback.
  • Good knowledge of the Russian language.
  • Ability to write with no grammar mistakes and at a high level, for someone applying to a technical university.

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