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I have created a well though out learning program, based on my experience and modern learning methods that I constantly learn in Italy.
We start with repetition, "warm up" using the dynamic oral exercises.
Next, we always discuss different topics in a free dialogue mode.
The main part of the lesson - brainstorms, audio, video (adaptive and original), commercials, grammar and vocabulary exercises.
In one lesson, we change up a few types of activities. But the main focus is understanding and speaking. As it's known, Italians love to talk and will always be open to help you if you know the language even a little bit.
I ask you to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for the completion of homework (creative and grammar) as well as any other way of learning the language.
This is exactly how language susceptibility is developed and high results are achieved.

This is exactly how language susceptibility is developed and high results are achieved.
Part of the topics, learned and new, I give to students, for repetition or studying, through video materials recorded by me.
This eases the repetition and memorization, enables the student to study by themselves at home at any time.
Repetition is an important element of preparation, especially for adults, whose brains are busy with different information.
For studying Italian language, I offer you the following learning formats:
Online course from ground zero "Italian in three months"
  • Eight lessons a month that last 60 minutes.
  • Videos and extra materials for self studying.
  • Chat groups in WhatsApp, whee you can ask other members and your teacher any questions.
  • Speaking club for members. Four meetings a month.
  • Tests. Writing and oral.
  • Homework with review and feedback.
  • Access to webinars.
Oral course "200 minutes."
(Oral meetings in a group. Preparation course for CILS exam)
  • 5 individual lessons in Skype that last 40 minutes.
  • 10 topics for discussion, depending on your request and level of knowledge.
  • Practice materials are sent out in advance.
  • Lessons are conducted in the form of a free dialogue.
  • If necessary, I give recommendations for improving your scores on CILS and CELI oral exams.

This course is especially helpful for those who are studying the language by themselves, online, or in preparation for CILS and CELI.
Also for those who don't get enough oral practice.
This course is interesting for those who live in Italy but have language barrier.
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