Top 5 Russian universities: Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg State University, MGIMO, RANEPA. Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Successful admission!
I have taught schoolchildren how to write texts since I was a university student. I graduated from the MSU journalism school, while studying I taught at the School for Young Journalists at MSU, then worked for the central media as a journalist and as an editor.

For more than 10 years, I have been preparing students for applying to journalist schools, I know the requirements of universities and always keep my hand on the pulse. My students successfully get in.
Why I can 100% guarantee a high score on the exam?
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    Each of my students can easily write essays and edit assignments the creative contest.
  • 2
    The works of my students stand out among others. Exclusive delivery of material (I teach them the basics of copywriting), original narration of thoughts and accuracy of formulations, knowledge of facts and details distinguishes them from the crowd.
  • 3
    Right away, reviewers see a steady hand in examination work, flowing writing, analytical ability and publicity.
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    Examiners write positive reviews, because they see that a student prepared for the mastering of the profession came to their school!
Here are the impressions of the course from my 2019 student, she received the maximum score and got into the budget program:
  • Lisa Anikushina
    I am completely delighted by the lessons. Quickness, efficiency, and a great score at the end. The lessons are substantial and useful in any sense, not only for the end result. During the training, you will learn many new things. Marina Sheinkman knows how to present these "many" things, so that they neatly and imperceptibly settle in your head. I learned how to be more brave about processing information, got in the habit of working and hit the stride thanks to the systematic approach of Marina Sheinkman. The day of this teacher is scheduled by the minute, which makes them even more valuable and there is no time to waste them. In the methods used by Marina Sheinkman, I found exactly what I was looking for to quickly prepare for a creative contest in journalism at Moscow State University: mensurable lessons, optimal approach to current and main goals. For me as a student, it's important for the teacher to be on the same page with me. This becomes apparent in the language and delivery speed of the learning material. Marina Sheinkman is speed, constant self-development according to time, following of trends and competent compliance to the "classics."

Video reviews of the course 2020

Successful admission to the HSE Faculty of Journalism
Successful admission to Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism
Successful admission to the MGIMO master's program
Videoreview from Elizabeth
Course format:
  • A 1,5 hour lesson with the teacher everyday.
  • Homework - 4 hours everyday (writing texts, information processing).
  • Everyday, we sort out 5 historical topics for writing an editorial assignment and one topic for the essay.
  • Constant feedback from the teacher.
Exam result: 92-100 points.
Course price: 64 000 rubles.
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