People always ask me - why did I do it? You're a great personal tutor. What are the extra difficulties for - management, registration?

I answer - the idea of a school is organic to me, my experience and the aspiration to structure everything have helped me turn this idea into a business project. School is a longterm perspective, it's a generalization of all of my knowledge and the knowledge of my teacher-colleagues in the school. It's openness to the students - everyone sees our background. And school is also financial security.

The main thing is - I am not afraid to take responsibility! For the quality of my courses, for my teachers, who cooperate with the school - all of them are incredible professionals in the subjects of teaching.

I am an experienced entrepreneur, who has led my own business for 15 years. What does this tell you? It tells you, that I - am a stable, correct, friendly and motivated director, who understands people, takes care of good employees, values their work and creates comfortable work conditions.

The online school project is my most mature and favourite project. In it, I concentrated, aside from knowledge and experience, my life values. My grown up children help me with the creation of the school. On this photo is my son Denis, he prepares presentations for webinars and video content.

And I believe that there is much more to come! Join us!

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