During school breaks, surprisingly for their parents, my students insist on continuing lessons with me. They go to their county house or to the beach and work on interesting programs during their breaks... but thesebprogram always includes my lessons. Why does this happen?

- I conduct my lessons from interesting geographical and historical places of the world, about which I happily talk about, so my students take a virtual tour with me,

- I give interesting homework, which brings my students pleasure and doesn't tire them.
Here are a few examples of such lessons:
Location: Riksgransen Snow Resort in Sweden - the most beautiful place on the Scandinavian ridge, with Norway on the other side of the mountain. The wi-fi at the skiers village is weak, I have to put on my skiing attire, go up on the mountain, and conduct my Skype lessons, with two Moscow students, from the top. After one of the lessons, they asked me to demonstrate slalom live on camera. At first, everything went well - my phone was dangling on the lace, but then, at the bottom of the mountain, I didn't notice a small trampoline and fell. It was no laughing matter, my students became worried. But after this lesson, they decided that I was a super cool teacher! They brought me two more of their classmates.They uploaded the video of me falling online, it is quite popular.
(The photo was actually taken on that day!)
The Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 40 km away from Madrid. An interactive English language lesson for my students with the participation of schoolchildren from Escorial - there is a school on the territory of the royal site. The schoolchildren, that I met on their break in the park speak three languages. It was interesting for them to socialize with fellow children from Russia.
Maternity house in Jurmala, where my grandson was born. I came to help my daughter, a young mother. I was so busy with the baby, that I didn't notice that it was time for a lesson. But I found a quiet corner and conducted it while also answering my student's questions about Latvian healthcare. The wi-fi in the maternity ward worked great!
A lake in Tver Oblast, near Visniy Volochyok. In a rubber boat with fishing rods. In the forest at the parking lot, the internet was getting lost, while in the middle of the lake, the connection was great. No fish were caught, but the lesson was successful.
Over the years of working online, I have realized that an online teacher shows students a great example of freedom of movement around the country and the world, mastery in the use of modern technology, inventiveness in use of different devices while having bad connection and punctuality of going live regardless of the circumstances.
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