"Sprinter" course is for the determined and the responsible. For those who love speed and a clear result. For those who are not afraid to take responsibility for the invested efforts and resources on the way to the result. Are you ready to make a start? Then this course is for you - you will achieve victory in the short run!
My methodology of teaching combines the immersion method with the method of an outstanding linguist Galina Kitaygorodskaya, but my personal achievement is that I was able to apply and successfully implement these methods online.
To prepare you for travelling abroad and pass interviews for an English-speaking position - that is my goal.
After the 3rd lesson, you will be able to communicate with police and customs officers.
After the 7th lesson - talk about your job, family and your city.
After the 10th lesson - make phone calls to other countries and book hotels in English.
After the 15th lesson - make orders at restaurants and explain your problems to the doctor.
Do you want to quickly improve the quality of your life, travel and climb up the career ladder? Learn English! The knowledge of the English language raises your value in the job market by three to four times.
Look at the payroll statistics in Russia:
What results are we waiting for?
In this course, you will learn how to communicate on the phone and how to pass job interviews in English.
We will make your resume and CV in English.
Analyse and get ready for difficult situations that you could face while travelling abroad or on a business trip.
Every one of you will have a practice interview in English, we will make and help you memorise your professional presentation, in accordance to your job.
During the course, the language barrier disappears, you receive a strong grammar base and a vocabulary supply of 3000 words and phrases.
What are the advantages of my course?
Clear deadline of the end of the course - three months and you will talk in English.
An online course saves you lots of time and efforts.
Group lessons give you the opportunity to practice your knowledge in a game format.
High saturation of learning materials plus speaking practice.
I provide you with teaching aids, audio files, training books and tests.
First: Homework will take you no less than 1 hour a day to complete. But learning a language is a tense process, you will need to set time aside for this.

If you plan on being lazy, miss lessons, not do homework - the result will be disappointing.

During my three-month course, you will need to pluck up courage and strength in order learn!
Our English course is built in the form of a game, which provides effectiveness in understanding the material. For the time being of the course, we will give you a new name and you will have a new history of life. For three months you will change your destiny, who knows, maybe this will be the first step towards improving your life and new perspectives will open up to you. We would love for that to happen! New language, new name, new image, new life... So, after you sign up for the course, you will be asked to take a test. After taking it, you will be given your role and get to know the name of your character in our course!

Course reviews.

Price of the course
"Optimal" Package
80 000 rubles for four months (payments of 20 000 rubles once a month).
You will be studying in groups of two.

"Premium" Package
160 000 rubles for four months (payments of 40 000 rubles once a month).
Individual lessons at the most convenient time for you.
+ Bonus:
Free participation in "English club with a French bulldog."
Want to sign up for the course?
Leave your phone number and we will call you for more details!

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