You will learn how the science of good manners helps us at work and in our daily life and will gain confidence.

Course program:

Lesson 1. "Basic concepts of etiquette"
- Types of etiquette and their principles
- Five signs of a noble man
- Communication technologies in various environments (business partner, client, employer, cleaning lady, waiter)
- Trick me! - how gestures and facial expressions betray us.
- How to stand, walk, sit, carry a bag, what to do with hands, how to breathe.
- How to respond to rudeness? Distance and boundaries of the inner space.
- Etiquette of public speaking - what is impossible and what is possible, typical mistakes.

Duration 120 minutes
Lesson 2. "Our appearance according to the rules of etiquette"
- Seven signs of a well-dressed man
- Dress codes are a law, not a recommendation.
- Indication of friend or foe
- Types of dress codes (as well as about fabrics and their combination, buttons, ties, cufflinks and hairpins)
- Male and female business dress code
- Evening dress codes, club, etc.
- Selection and correct combination of jewelry, analysis of errors.
- "Golden laws" of good tone

Duration 120 minutes
Lesson 3. "Table etiquette"
- Classification of receptions (daytime / evening, standing / with seating)
- Correct table setting (types of dishes, appliances, glasses)
- Rules for seating guests
- Rules for the hosts
- Rules for guests
- What do they eat (what devices are used for dishes of the main group, a special group (artichokes, lobsters, caviar, oysters, etc.) and a dessert group.)
- An unmistakable choice of wine in any restaurant and shop
- Calibration of natural dry wines
- What drinks are served to what dishes
- Recipes of simple and effective dishes from European etiquette experts - for the independent organisation of home and office receptions

Duration 120 minutes
Lesson 4. "Visiting public events. Written etiquette. Gifts."
- Self-presentation etiquette
- Network etiquette (what is possible, necessary and what cannot be published on the networks and in what cases can photos of food and fitness be published)
- Telephone etiquette
- Etiquette of letters in private messages and mail
- Etiquette of business cards (how to present business cards at events)
- Etiquette of failure. "A steel hand in velvet gloves."
- Visit to the theater, exhibition, etc.
- Good manners in the car. Meeting guests (station-airport).
- A visit to the restaurant (what distinguishes a good restaurant, a choice of dishes, etc.)
- Funeral etiquette.
- All about gifts (what and whom we give, how we accept, which gifts we refuse and how to do it.)

Duration 120 minutes

Format of the course:

Listen to a pre-recorded lecture
Do lab work
Recieve feedback
Ask questions
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