Today, when all of the world's resources are open and available, you can easily find a webinar or a video lecture, a course with a transcript or a book about any subject. The civilisation has gifted us with the possibility to fully use these new instruments for self development. But there are still realms where knowledge is passed, from teacher to student, the same way as it used to hundreds of years ago. That is the precise skills of a surgeon - you will never learn how to operate appendicitis on the internet. That is the vocal training of singers - you will never be able to develop your voice without the close monitoring of your teacher.
The same goes for learning English - on the internet, you will find free access to materials on grammar, vocabulary, phraseology, audio and writing essays. But there is one thing you won't be able to do without the personal help of a teacher.That is phonetics! Setting the correct pronunciation of foreign languages is similar to the precise work a surgeon and the vocal training of singers. Phonetics require skill development directly from one person to another.
Only an experienced teacher can understand you physiological features and control the work of your speech apparatus.
I offer these lessons for you.
Correction of pronunciation in 8 days (12 hours).
Every week, you will have 2 long (one and a half hours), intense and super effective lessons.
You will also complete homework.
After 1 month, you will have correct pronunciation that you will not be hesitant of. In this video, you will hear the voice of our student. His correct pronunciation is the result of our lessons.

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Price of the course: 36 000 rubles.
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