Russian as a foreign language for children

Our online school offers a program of classes in the Russian language for children from bilingual families (communicative languages – Russian and English).

The Russian language training program includes:

  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Learning correct oral speech
  • Speech therapy problems are solved
  • Vocabulary
More than 5 years of experience in the program - with the result of children's admission to prestigious Moscow lyceums.

Watch an excerpt from one of the lessons:

Children, in whose families Russian does not dominate, are invited.
The course "Russian as a Foreign Language for Children" is aimed at children and adolescents developing in a bilingual environment with a strong influence of another language other than Russian. This course is not an introductory Russian language course for students who are starting to learn the language from scratch; the composition of the course assumes that students have a certain amount of Russian vocabulary, as well as a certain level of communication in Russian in a household environment (for example, with family members). A distinctive feature of the course is a systematic approach to mastering fluency in a language in an environment where Russian does not undoubtedly dominate as the student's language of communication - while traditional Russian courses for children imply fluency in the spoken language by students (as certainly dominant).

"Russian as a foreign language for children" does not conflict or compete with traditional courses, but it can provide significant support to them. At the same time, when relying on the basic (at least passive) vocabulary, the course can be used independently of other curricula in the Russian language. The abundance of graphic illustrations makes the course attractive for use in an informal setting, for example, when teaching parents with their own children. Each lesson uses a workbook created by linguist Elena Gil. The course is focused on the cooperation of the teacher with the student, there are no tests. However, the topics covered are reinforced as recurring motives in later lessons. In terms of the order of mastering topics, the structure of the course is similar to the structure of the textbook "Russian language for foreign students of preparatory faculties" L. Moskovina, L. Silvina. Systematic study of the topics of this textbook is combined in the course with the selection of material in favour of greater attractiveness for children and ease of passage, as well as the elimination of restrictions on the vocabulary of students.
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