Is your career under a threat because of mistakes in the Russian language? You actively write work e-mails, memos, sweat for hours while making reports, and all you get are angry responses: "Fix the mistakes in your letter, it's impossible to read!"

And here you are, a successful company employee with good promises, but everyone straight up tells you that there is not going to be a career before you eliminate the mistakes in the Russian language. And you are horribly ashamed, sad, nervous, and with a lowering self-esteem.

Seems familiar?
Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon. Today, you can often find desperate requests from large corporate employees online for training Russian spelling and punctuation for work.
I will help you!
  • I have a special course for eliminating typical mistakes in writing.
  • I will recover your memory of necessary pieces from Russian language school programs.
  • And if you skipped all of the Russian lessons at school, I will quickly and effectively teach you!
The course is built out of two modules. Each has 4 individual lessons that last 1,5 hours.
First module
"Ambulance" - work on typical mistakes and use knowledge right away. After the first module, you will be able to write work e-mails.
Second module
"Classical" - a more deep dive into the Russian language. After its completion, you will be able to confidently use difficult constructions. We will work on creating your own style of writing language.
Confidentiality will be respected - a few public figures have already successfully eliminated their problems.
Course price: 40 000 rubles.
(Payments of 20 000 roubles once a month)
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